BAHAGHARI UNITED SECULARISTS PHILIPPINES (lgbtBUS - Philippines) is a non government non religious group fighting for the LGBT civil rights movement and secularism.
It also serves as a support group for the abused members of the LGBT community .All LGBT members and supporters are welcome to help us push forward what we are fighting for.
All religious and non religious are encouraged to join and participate in the group discussion.
But since lgbtBUS - Philippines is a secular group, we do not allow theistic discussions and promotion so as not to have collision with each other.
Our common ground is the LGBT welfare.

lgbtBUS - Philippines vision is a better Philippines in which the rights of every
LGBT person is respected and observed.

The ability to live with honor, not being discriminated and harassed upon, and persecuted simply for being a member of the LGBT group.


We strive for the legal rights of LGBT people to be protected and more visible in government affairs and community projects. With this LGBT's would be able to have access to all the economic benefits that an ordinary citizen enjoys and will not be barred from accessing the basic educational necessities, health and other services that are enjoyed by their fellow citizens, and that are essential for the personal well-being and growth.
In the local settings, LGBT people and their allies can come together to advocate for the equal treatment of all people, regardless of sexual preference, gender and human nature.

lgbtBUS - Philippines seeks to improve the lives of marginalised Pinoy LGBT citizens, including all foreign residents in the Philippines, by becoming more active and effective in human development programs, and by ensuring that LGBT people have the right to use the benefits of our projects and activities, therefore paving the way for the positive change of their own community and environment. In the end result each citizen will be recognised and equally given importance and respect.

The involvement, protection, and empowerment of LGBT people is necessary because the collective effort of the entire community leads to more effective, positive and a better society.

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