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The lgbtBUS HIV AIDS awareness campaign
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Nothing is permanent in this world.

Not even life.
But there are several things constant in our very-limited time of living.
For example, there are the beliefs.
These beliefs, whether religious or not, serious or ridiculous, helps us live in such a mundane life and
a cruel world.
These beliefs become a raison d’etre for others, and, well, for the remaining half, it just helps to make life more bearable, I guess.

Love, it would seem, is also constant in our short-span of a human life. We see someone, and kapoof! We have those metal butterflies fluttering madly in our stomach.
It takes guts, my dear friends, in order to tell someone we really like them.
Or not.
It really depends on you.


So, ladies and gentlemen, setting the philosophical introduction aside, I am here to talk to you about
the same-sex marriage that has been approved in all states in America, and also, in the lovely greens of Ireland ( where famous actors Liam Neeson and Colin Ferrel are. ).

Isn’t this exciting? We’re free to marry whom we want to! ( Just out of consent, please. Do not, I repeat,
do not marry anyone without consent. )

And with such an action comes the ( expected ) repercussions. What can I say? Cause and effect. The cause, being that anyone can love, apparently, and the effect? Happy queers everywhere, and well, not-so happy straight and aggressive religious people. Obama may not be a great president in the eyes of most Americans, or half of it, but he did an incredible job at saying ‘love is love’!

Tackling on the issues of such a law, I think there are more benefits to this than destruction. Some people just love to exaggerate things, do they? Well, let me tell you a few reasons why same-sex marriage will be fruitful not only to other human beings, and to the economy as well. Well, I’m actually pointing out here why you shouldn’t discriminate against people who have a different sexual orientation than yours.

·         Once married, this will lead to them wanting a home. Once they have a home, they will either adopt or get a surrogate mother for them. Adopting seems like the bigger solution here, and they will adopt those poor children that have been abandoned by their parents!

·         Those that are ‘different’ a.k.a, homosexuals and the like, will naturally strive through whatever
 hardship you put them because no one knows more of suffering than them!

·         Great secret-keepers, I guess. Being closeted means keeping a secret.

·         Not really sinful people?  Contrary to popular beliefs, most of the people I have met who happen to have a different sexual orientation are one of the most religious people I have ever met, but they still have an open mind for it.

·         Sassy and snarky. Definitely will get through your close-minded BS.

Some of those points, you might consider on taking in. Because, really, while they have a different sexual orientation, they’re not pervs.

Same-sex marriage does not only tell us that things will get better, but most of these people are pro-equality. Women, Men, and children. Listen to me. These people are feminist. And feminism means equality. They are the future.  They will fight for your rights. They will fight for you and your freedom. If it means being a total anarchy, then let it be so! Get off your high horse and stop looking down on the people who will protect you until their last breath goes.

Also, just putting this through, do not support, I repeat, do not support MENINISTS. It’s a joke of a group concerning shaming both women and trans women. They only care about that. But when it comes to helping their fellow men, they just… rather sit on a couch and become so obese they can no longer stand. No meninist.
The point of being superior to everyone different than them is irrational; we are all flesh and bones. Open a man’s stomach and you will see the same parts in another man’s. We are all dust in the end. So what is the point of trying so hard to prove such a thing?


Putting this through for you young folks with a different sexual orientation/gender identification: Things will always, always get better. It may be dark now, granted, but try opening your eyes, and you might see the light. Now that Obama made a fantastic decision, this might give you some reason to jump to America and get married to the one you love.

Like you, reader, I struggle with being a closeted trans male as well, and must deal with the misogyny that goes on every day.

                                                     You will make it through.

Just keep smiling, become witty, if anger it is that continues to make you live, then be angry at those people. But most of all, forgive. For nothing is stronger than a person who forgives even if they know the world is such a cruel irony to living. Forgive, but know that it does not make you weak, or naïve.

                                       Go on and disappoint the world.


By Chris Eusebio


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